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is a sanctuary for peaceful healing and inspired living.

From your inception, you are encoded to love, connect, and live in harmony. And part of life is also learning from and releasing patterns of illness, disease, dissonance, and fear. Ah-h-h-justing to Life is the deep breath of inspiration that encourages you to rewrite your own personal story. The cultivation of internal peace begins when you open your eyes and lengthen your view, and willingly begin to understand your body’s honesty.

Life is magical and mysterious. Each of us has a spiritual current that runs through us that simultaneously empowers and implores us to move in certain directions that will challenge us to grow and prosper. Our task in life is to recognize when we are pushing against that spiritual current or smoothly flowing with it.

The task of moving in the right direction shows up in our relationships, our careers, in our health and in our experience of emotional and spiritual peace. Illness and disease appear when we have lost our sense of where our internal river is flowing. The further we get from this place the more discord we feel.

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